A breathtaking viewing experience that exceeds all expectations, delivered at 50,000 lm through the world’s brightest projectorA breathtaking viewing experience that exceeds all expectations, delivered at 50,000 lm through the world’s brightest projector

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Subaru Kohsan Co. Ltd

EBiS303 Event Hall

Installed system:
Date of installation:
 December 2022
 Tokyo, Japan


To install brighter, more versatile projection equipment capable of covering a diverse range of events and meeting customers’ needs


The 3-Chip DLP™ Projector PT-RQ50K provides outstanding brightness at 50,000 lm, combined with
high-resolution Native 4K projection.

The PT-RQ50K is a major factor in customers choosing EBiS303.

Mr. Fumiyuki Sato
Supervisor (Event Hall)
Operations Department, EBiS303
Subaru Kohsan Co. Ltd

Note: Job title at the time this report was submitted.

1 Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO/IEC 21118: 2012 international standards. Value is average of all products when shipped.

2 As of November 2019. Projectors weighing 150 kg or less (not including lens). Based on internal research.

Subaru Group: Building on the twin pillars of real estate and
travel services

Subaru Kohsan operates a diverse business along two axes―real estate and travel services. The company manages EBiS303, an event space equipped with a full range of video and audio equipment, and works to inspire diverse uses for the space while supporting the planning and running of events that contribute to local communities.

 Ebisu Subaru Building, 1-20-8, Ebisu, Shibuya City, Tokyo

Ebisu Subaru Building


A projector equipment upgrade for the multi-purpose event hall

Managed and operated by Subaru Kohsan, EBiS303 is an event venue featuring an event hall and conference spaces that are used for various applications on a daily basis. Dynamic visual presentations using projectors in the event hall are in particularly high demand, and recent trends toward higher-quality video content have resulted in a need for brighter, higher-resolution images. EBiS303 installed the 3-Chip DLP™ Projector PT-RQ50K, which provides
high-brightness 50,000 lm projection, in order to meet this demand and attract a greater proportion of the rising number of esports tournaments being held
in Japan.

Reason for Choosing Panasonic

Exciting potential to support future visual performances

Mr. Fumiyuki Sato is part of EBiS303’s Operations Department and is involved in event hall operations. On the decision to install the PT-RQ50K at EBiS303, he says, “During the evaluation stage, we tested a PT-RQ50K and a 30,000 lm projector in the event hall to compare the projected images. We were immediately blown away by the exceptional brightness and beauty of the visuals from the PT-RQ50K. We decided to install the PT-RQ50K because we knew it could meet both our customers’ current needs and future demand for visual performances that reach even greater heights.”


Bright, vivid visuals for an enhanced viewer experience

EBiS303’s event hall hosts a wide range of events, including fashion exhibitions, contests, and product launches. During these events, projectors are often deployed to display dynamic video content that serves as the face of a company, such as product commercials and promotional videos. Video equipment and technology are crucial in maximizing the impact of these displays. With Native 4K resolution and high-brightness projection of up to 50,000 lm, the PT-RQ50K provides outstanding video performance that exceeds customer expectations.

The PT-RQ50K has enhanced EBiS303’s capacity to host esports tournaments, during which players’ on-screen battles must remain clearly visible amid dynamic lighting. Even in demanding environments such as these, the PT-RQ50K has received high acclaim for its ability to project high-resolution,
high-brightness video that still stands out among the other displays around the venue.

According to Mr. Fumiyuki Sato, “The PT-RQ50K is a major draw that helps set EBiS303 apart. For example, we have customers who have made repeat reservations after seeing the visual appeal of the images it projects. This high-brightness projection was particularly impactful in the success of the MONSTER STRIKE PRO TOUR 2022 Final esports tournament last December. The main image was projected in the center of the stage, while the sub images were shown on an LED panel supplied by the customer. The bright, vivid images provided to the audience with the projector were more than a match for those on the LED panel. The customer also appreciated the fact that a large LED panel was no longer needed for the main video, making the setup more cost and time efficient.”

The high-brightness 50,000 lm model is capable of projecting bright visuals for extended periods,
as demonstrated by this projected image on a screen in the event hall.

The MONSTER STRIKE PRO TOUR 2022 Final was held at EBiS303 in December 2022.
The main image in the center of the stage was projected by the PT-RQ50K (photo courtesy of Subaru Kohsan).

Power to the PT-RQ50K in the projection room can be controlled from the venue with the remote control, which is highly-regarded for its
user-friendly UI.

The PT-RQ50K fitted with zoom lenses ET-D3QT700 and ET-D3QT800 as projection lenses.

In the Customer’s Own Words

Stunning visual productions captivate our guests

As the owner of EBiS303, we also manage and operate the building, so we have proactively used customer feedback received in the course of daily operations as a basis for improving the facility. The installation of the PT-RQ50K has enabled us to provide stunning visual productions that amaze visitors. As another selling point that sets EBiS303 apart, we hope this will encourage even more customers to use our facilities in the future.

Subaru Kohsan Co. Ltd
Mr. Fumiyuki Sato
Supervisor (Event Hall)
Operations Department, EBiS303

Note: title at the time this report was submitted.

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