Let's get started! Easy signage with USB memory

01It's easy to start!

Is it hard to set up? I want a flowing menu.
With Panasonic,

you only need a PC and USB memory.

No initial settings or running costs.
No playback device. Only a PC and USB memory.
No posters to print. No posters to replace!
Just insert the USB for still or video loop playback.
Content scheduling is easy too.
Panasonic's free software gives you lots of playback methods.
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Weekday setting example

Holiday setting example

Changing the display content according to the day and time.
Instead of playing the same content every day, you can change it to play only at specified days and times, or change the sequence.
And you can relay timely information only at designated times for special events, affairs, etc.
Changing the content sequence.
It's also OK to quickly change the content during business hours!
You can change the content display without interrupting the image.
Turning the power ON/OFF automatically
By automatically turning the power ON/OFF at specified times, you can eliminate the need to turn it ON and OFF manually each day.

02It's easy to create!

Can I create effective content? Do I need special software?
With Panasonic ...

you get free templates for creating content.

No special graphic software needed
You can use photos and videos created with existing software, and content that you previously made.
Free templates
There are many free templates (PowerPoint®) on the web targeting a variety of business types. You can create your own content based on them.
You can also convert content that you made with PowerPoint® into jpg files to play back.

03It's easy to be fancy!

I want lots of easy-to-understand information. I want an easy-to-see display.
With Panasonic ...

you get a commercial display with sharp images.

High picture quality
These are the displays that professionals use for sharp, clear images.
Various installation methods
Install vertically, tilted, or suspended for a powerful eye-catching effect.
Various sizes
Ideal sizes are available - for small shops to large shopping malls.

Use is possible in various situations

Product line-up supporting USB media players