Office Environment with Visual Systems

Ideas on using space effectively with suggested AV solutions for every area.

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  • 4F Café & Event Area
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Shared spaces where teams recharge.


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  • Digital Windows
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Digital Signage


Panasonic has vision for inspiring collaboration.


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  • Information Display
  • Huddle Rooms
  • Presentations
  • Portrait Conferencing
  • Group Teleconferences
  • Small Meeting Spaces


Transition your business to success in a new social paradigm.

Meeting Rooms

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  • Online Meetings
  • Communication Workflow
  • Wireless Content Delivery
  • Collaborative Systems
  • Online Meeting Booths


You only get one shot at a good first impression.


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  • Corporate Messages
  • Virtual Concierge
  • Interactive Floor Guide
  • Multi Information Display


Tailored solutions for impressive visuals in large venues.

Convention Halls

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  • Large Webinars & Conferences
  • Webinars & Conferences
  • Auxiliary Signage

Visual System Solutions That Fit Your Business

Panasonic has long experience developing products, services, and technologies for the film and broadcast production and events staging industries and visual system installation for the public and private sectors. We are uniquely positioned to supply holistic solutions that add value. Cultivation of original technologies is guided by hands-on experience working on site with installers and customers. To support effective communication, we make products that are stable, beautiful, and usable. Content is delivered smoothly at highest possible quality on devices that are easy to use and efficient to operate. By delivering superior product and better customer care, we equip your business with the tools it needs to succeed.


4F | CafésDigital Windows

Digital Windows

Relaxing mind and body

Just as the kitchen is heart of the home, the lounge is central to office community. People from any department can mix, exchange information, and support each other in an informal environment. Promote an open atmosphere and put the world on your wall with a dynamic digital display solution from Panasonic, an especially welcome addition to rooms without natural light.

4F | CafésDigital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards

Digital displays put service on the menu

Show what’s cooking on a 4K digital menu and guide customer selection while they wait to be served. You can easily update display content via LAN using proprietary Content Management Software according to time of day, season, or event. Make your café the preferred destination for staff on break with efficient service and appealing presentation that looks good from any angle.

4F | CafésDigital Signage

Digital Signage

Communicate more efficiently

Digital signage can relieve congestion at peak periods by assisting customers in making a menu selection and getting payment ready before they reach the counter. All kinds of content, from menu specials to café signage can be broadcast via built-in USB media player with the display in landscape orientation or in Portrait Mode.


3F | OfficesInformation Display

Information Display

Create a more comfortable office environment

There’s more to our visual systems than just showing meeting materials. Projectors and displays are also a great way to disseminate internal communications, visualize shared goals to improve employee motivation, and for use in address management, where occupant density and seating availability is clearly visualized. Projectors and LCD displays clarify information delivery for a more comfortable office environment.

3F | OfficesHuddle Rooms

Huddle Rooms

The engine room of your company

Huddle rooms are in constant demand in busy offices. Panasonic laser projectors not only reduce maintenance hassle, they also support instant on/off just like a TV, so your staff can start sharing content, discussing ideas, and solving problems immediately. Or consider the potential of our BQ1 Series 4K display for streamlining communication efficiency. Built-in whiteboard software lets your team annotate and write on content and save it to a USB memory stick, no PC required.

3F | OfficesPresentations


Impress with the lights on

When sharing content to groups in well-lit environments where dimming the lights isn’t practical, a projector with 5,000–6,000 lm of brightness and instant on/off capability is preferred. Packing more brightness into ever-smaller bodies and deploying original technologies that boost color and contrast in ambient light, Panasonic laser projectors deliver vibrant image quality under lights and are an ideal choice for compelling presentations.

3F | OfficesPortrait Conferencing

Portrait Conferencing

Teleport to your next meeting

Imagine being able to see and talk to any member of staff, wherever they are located, as if you were meeting face-to-face. With a suitable Panasonic LCD display set in portrait orientation and a webcam, you can bring people together at a scale that rapidly closes the gap between virtual and reality.

3F | OfficesGroup Teleconferences

Group Teleconferences

Closing the distance with 1:1 teleconferencing

Many of our corporate customers are saving with Panasonic laser projection that brings whole teams together without them travelling a mile. Using web cameras and a 1-Chip DLP™ projector, whole groups appear at almost 1:1 scale, turning walls into windows on your global organization. Add an optional ET-DLE020 Ultra-Short-Throw Zoom Lens to achieve huge screen-sizes in small spaces, with participants able to approach the screen without casting a shadow.

3F | OfficesSmall Meeting Spaces

Small Meeting Spaces

Small spaces for wireless collaboration

You’ll be astounded at what small groups can accomplish with a Panasonic 4K professional display and PressIT, our one-touch wireless presentation solution. PressIT transmitter connects to your laptop or mobile and mirrors content on the big screen, no software required. Optional slot-in receiver fits the Intel® SDM-spec slot equipped on SQE2 Series displays.


2F | Meeting RoomsOnline Meetings

Online Meetings

Enhance hybrid meetings with widescreen projection

As workstyles diversify, meetings blend online and in-person interactions. To get more from hybrid conferences, choose a widescreen-compatible projector that can display video signals with a 27:9 or 21:9 aspect ratio. The expanded screen area shares various information clearly, from documents and chat dialogs to the faces of remote meeting participants. To further improve communication quality, consider adding our TY-CSP1 360-degree camera speakerphone.

2F | Meeting RoomsCommunication Workflow

Communication Workflow

Improve communication in meetings

We offer a variety of portable, short-throw, and ultra-short-throw LCD laser projectors that improve communication workflow in meeting rooms of any size and shape, even those with limited installation space. Contrast-rich image quality and high resolution make text and graphics easily visible under bright lights. They integrate seamlessly into your 4K system, are easy to adjust and operate, and require little maintenance.

2F | Meeting RoomsWireless Content Delivery

Wireless Content Delivery

An easier way to collaborate

Make cables history with PressIT, Panasonic’s latest one-touch wireless presentation system. Pair with an LCD display or projector and enjoy secure, stable 802.11ac connectivity for laptops, phones, and tablets with no software installation. Press-to-cast convenience makes transitions smooth and encourages teamwork.

2F | Meeting RoomsCollaborative Systems

Collaborative Systems

Putting fine detail and big-picture vision together

Collaboration demands a lot of screen area. Projection is an effective way to create a wide on-screen workspace that’s ideal for displaying multiple images at once. Alternatively, CQE2 Series offers a selection of models with 4K resolution and is easy for everyone to use. Both work with PressIT one-touch wireless presentation system and can display content from four devices in split-screen. From layouts to schematics, spreadsheets to websites, teams can see detail and the big picture.

2F | Meeting RoomsOnline Meeting Booths

Online Meeting Booths

For secure and efficient online meetings

As face-to-face meetings migrate to the digital domain, a need has emerged to shift online discussions away from shared spaces (where they can be distracting to others) to small teleconferencing booths. Panasonic facilitates productive virtual meetings in private booths with solutions that support secure wireless casting and comfortable viewing on large screens.


1F | EntrancesCorporate Messages

Short-Throw Projection

Tell your story with dynamic energy

Greet visitors with vibrant storytelling illuminated in deep, rich color courtesy Panasonic 1-Chip DLP™ laser projection. These low-maintenance designs equip unique color-enhancement technologies that work with DLP™ imaging to deliver accurate, dynamic color across single or multiple screens on flat or curved surfaces. Selected models feature Backup Input, which maintains display of immersive corporate messaging even if primary signal transmission is interrupted.

1F | EntrancesVirtual Concierge

Virtual Concierge

An extra pair of helping hands

Digital signage can help relieve pressure on the receptionist at locations with visitor traffic, or guide your guests to the right place when reception is unattended. Strategically placed, you can anticipate and answer questions and provide maps and other visualized information so visitors can help themselves. Our 4K EQ2 Series also supports content updates over LAN.

1F | EntrancesInteractive Floor Guide

Interactive Displays

Smart screens engage your guests

Applications for interactive Panasonic touch-screen displays extend beyond museums and showrooms, where their responsiveness and image quality are enthusiastically embraced, to use in corporate reception areas, offices entrances, and building lobbies. These displays visualize detailed information intuitively and add value to your brand while reducing staffing overheads.

1F | EntrancesMulti Information Display

Video Wall

Harness your “wow factor” with a video wall

Panasonic provides end-to-end video-wall packages that simplify installation with modular magnetic frames, reduced cabling, and intuitive content management software. Treat visitors to a jaw-dropping spectacle and leave an impression they’ll never forget, especially in locations where projector installation isn’t practical thanks to slim display depth and flexible screen orientation.


B1F | Convention HallsLarge Webinars & Conferences

Large Webinars & Conferences

Spectacular images and crystal-clear sound to captivate your audience

Engaging vision and sound is vital to the success of your PR event, keynote speech, training seminar, or ceremony. Panasonic’s long relationship with the events staging industry helps us to create products that reduce installation complexity and enhance both reliability and clarity of communication for those in attendance or participating online. Optimized for presentations, Panasonic’s digital wireless microphone system delivers excellent sound quality in small to large spaces with an internal low-cut filter switch to enhance speech.

B1F | Convention HallsWebinars & Conferences

Webinars & Conferences

An effective way to educate

Organizations are increasingly conducting training and seminars online, not only out of necessity, but also because technology has evolved to where online learning is a better alternative. New infrastructure for webinar and conference production and broadcasting is an investment in your future with Panasonic visual and sound system solutions scaling to meet the specific needs of your organization.

B1F | Convention HallsAuxiliary Signage

Auxiliary Signage01Auxiliary Signage02

Making information accessible all around your venue

SQ1 and EQ2 series are 4K displays with versatile application in convention halls. Portrait Zoom splits and resizes content without needing an external processor, simplifying setup of three screens side-by-side in Portrait Mode. Digital signage content can be conveniently served via USB memory stick and the displays’ built-in media player.