Professional Video Systems Sharing the Passion TOKYO 2020 Special Site

Professional Video Systems Sharing the Passion TOKYO 2020 Special Site

Taking the World Inside the Moment

With most competition events staged without live spectators, the world experienced Tokyo 2020 via 4K/HD simulcast in a first at the Olympic Games. Broadcasting equipment, such as cameras and video switchers, were therefore vital to its success and underscored the importance of video communication technology in meeting high viewer expectations. Panasonic has provided its state-of-the-art broadcasting solutions to the Olympic and Paralympic Games since Barcelona 1992. For the Tokyo 2020 Games?the first such event to be held in Japan for 57 years?we delivered the largest number of cameras and video production devices ever, inviting viewers around the world to share the athletes’ emotion in decisive moments of competition. Let’s look behind the scenes at how our video systems contributed to successful staging in seven of the 42 venues we provided equipment to during Tokyo 2020.

Olympic Stadium | The Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Olympic Stadium | Opening and Closing Ceremonies01
Olympic Stadium | Opening and Closing Ceremonies02
Olympic Stadium | Opening and Closing Ceremonies03

While the jaw-dropping show delivered by Panasonic’s 4K projectors and line-array speakers attracted more media attention, our camera systems played an equally important part in broadcasting the Opening and Closing Ceremonies to millions of people via 4K/HD simulcast. Located throughout Olympic Stadium, Panasonic 4K studio and integrated cameras captured a joyful energy while our video switchers and recorders worked from the stadium’s control room to televise Japan’s moment on the world stage. In particular, control room-based AV-UHS500 4K Live Switcher was an indispensable production tool for a mixed 4K/HD platform. With an eye on evolving needs in the 4K era, this switcher not only supports multiple video formats, but also makes 4K live production operability equivalent to HD production thanks to intuitive control, even when deployed in a complex system.

Olympic Stadium | Opening and Closing Ceremonies05
AV-UHS500 switches camera feeds during the athlete’s entrance.
Olympic Stadium | Opening and Closing Ceremonies06
Panasonic also handled on-site maintenance and technical support.
Olympic Stadium | Opening and Closing Ceremonies07
A camera operator adjusts an EVA1 Compact 5.7K Super 35mm Cinema Camera.
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Olympic Stadium

Tokyo Aquatics Centre | Swimming

Tokyo Aquatics Centre | Swimming Image01
AW-UE70W/K 4K Integrated Camera treated audiences to an overhead POV.
Tokyo Aquatics Centre | Swimming Image02
AW-RP150GJ leverages IP-based cameras to save lines and manpower from its control room location.

Completed in February 2020, Tokyo Aquatics Centre played host to the swimming competition events, an iconic part of the Summer Games. In a move that transformed the spectating experience, a 4K integrated camera was suspended from the ceiling and controlled remotely to provide a bird’s eye view of the pool, while 4K studio cameras tracked swimmers from dollies poolside.

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Tokyo Aquatics Centre

Nippon Budokan | Judo

Nippon Budokan | Judo Image01
Nippon Budokan, venue for the judo competition.
Nippon Budokan | Judo Image02
Joystick-controlled 4K integrated camera captures action from flexible angles.

Judo action unfolded at Nippon Budokan July 24?31 (the Olympic Games) and August 27?29 (the Paralympic Games). Japan won a record nine gold medals as athletes from all over the world did their countries proud. AK-UC4000 4K studio cameras fed the majority of the event broadcast from Nippon Budokan, the spiritual home of judo, with its large-format image sensor faithfully representing the BT.2020 color-space specified for HDR. The studio camera, which is compatible with 12G-SDI, TICO over SDI (4K over 3G-SDI), and SMPTE ST 2110 for easy system integration, conveyed judo's visceral power, allowing viewers to feel the impact of every throw. Panasonic installed an AV-UHS500 4K Live Switcher in a control room above the main ring. This intuitive switcher worked as a vital link in the 4K/HD simulcast workflow during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Nippon Budokan | Judo03
AK-UC4000 4K studio camera awaits the athletes’ entrance.
Nippon Budokan | Judo04
AV-UHS500 makes light work of 4K workflows.
Nippon Budokan | Judo05
AV-UHS500 4K Live Switcher in action at Nippon Budokan.
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Nippon Budokan

Yumenoshima Park Archery Range | Archery

Yumenoshima Park Archery Range | Archery01
AW-HR140 integrated cameras capture nuanced expressions without unwelcome background distractions.
Yumenoshima Park Archery Range | Archery02
AW-RP50 makes camera remote control simple.
Yumenoshima Park Archery Range | Archery03
AW-HR140 is designed for use in harsh environments.
Yumenoshima Park Archery Range | Archery04
A technician demonstrates camera control via AW-RP50’s joystick.

Archery competition unfolded at Yumenoshima Park Archery Range July 23?31 (the Olympic Games) and August 27?September 4 (the Paralympic Games). With no live spectators, this event was held in almost complete silence, making the use of unobtrusive video equipment even more important than at previous events. AW-HR140 HD Integrated Camera was perfectly suited to filming athletes at close range without need of a camera operator behind the lens, which could potentially break concentration. Further, since the camera is designed for outdoor use, it worked reliably in the summertime heat. Archery is an event where tiny details, such as the athlete’s expression, heighten the sense of excitement more than physical movements, making closeups a vital part of video production. Pairs of AW-HR140 cameras on either side of the athlete and controlled remotely via AW-RP50 captured the tense moment of anchoring (loading the bow) without camera operators to potentially distract the athlete.

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Yumenoshima Park Archery Range

Tsurigasaki Kaigan Surfing Beach | Surfing

Tsurigasaki Kaigan Surfing Beach | Surfing01
Camera operator composes a shot from a jet-ski.
Tsurigasaki Kaigan Surfing Beach | Surfing02
AK-UC3300 captures a moment of jubilation for broadcast around the world.
Tsurigasaki Kaigan Surfing Beach | Surfing03
Operator and camera wrapped in waterproof gear work to catch a surfer’s expression after a heat.

Located at the southern end of Kujukuri Beach in Chiba Prefecture, Tsurigasaki Kaigan Surfing Beach is known to serve up world-class waves in the right conditions. With surfing making its debut at Tokyo 2020, media and spectators alike ate up footage of the contest, although the salt air, sand, and seawater made for tough filming conditions. AK-UC3300 4K Studio Camera took the harsh environment in its stride, delivering crystal-clear 4K HDR images captured at high speed to eliminate motion blur. Cut with footage taken from boats among the surfers, this broadcast made for compelling viewing.

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Tsurigasaki Kaigan Surfing Beach

Izu Velodrome | Cycling Track

Izu Velodrome | Cycling Track01
Technicians at Izu Velodrome production site.
Izu Velodrome | Cycling Track02
AV-UHS500 also shared a feed to LED Large-Screen Display Systems.

Cycling is one of the oldest events at the Olympic Games. The track events, in particular, boast a more than 120-year history. Highlight of the Keirin event, which originated in Japan, is the rolling start hustle and bustle and the dead-heat sprints on the final lap. Track events were held at Izu Velodrome in Izu City, known as the “City of Bicycles”, in Shizuoka Prefecture. Panasonic 4K cameras captured not only the fast-paced physical aspect of the sport, but also the psychological element that played out on the athlete’s faces thanks to high flexibility. Images were shared to Panasonic’s LED Large-Screen Display Systems via AV-UHS500 switcher for the benefit of spectators*.

* The Olympic Games only.

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Izu Velodrome

Ariake Gymnastics Centre | Gymnastics

Capturing movement calls for light and flexible cameras, in this case, a P2HD Series AJ-PX380G camcorder.

The gymnastics events were held at Ariake Gymnastics Centre. Men competed in six events, and the women in four. Just like the athletes, capturing dynamic acrobatic performance calls for excellent camera mobility. Panasonic selected its P2HD series
AJ-PX380G camcorder for its high sensitivity, resolution, and flexibility to bring every graceful movement to audiences watching around the world.

[Venue Installed]
Ariake Gymnastics Centre
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