Audio-Visual Security Equipment Sharing the Passion TOKYO 2020 Special Site

Audio-Video Security Equipment Sharing the Passion TOKYO 2020 Special Site

Creating the Largest Security System Ever at the Olympic Games

Security systems are vital to the smooth and safe operation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Tokyo 2020 presented unique security challenges for organizers, since there was no single Olympic Park precinct to monitor. Instead, competition venues, support facilities, and accommodation sites were scattered throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area and other regions of Japan. This called for an interlinked system of cameras and sensors that could allow personnel to monitor a number of remote facilities from central headquarters with more efficient allocation of security resources on site. Panasonic contributed the creation, installation, and operation of an integrated security system with provision of about 8,000 cameras* and 2,500 sensors, which allowed security staff to respond quickly to incidents without disrupting daily life in surrounding communities.

* Approximately 8,000 cameras including about 1,000 cameras already installed at the venue.


Integrated AV Monitoring at 48 Venues Nationwide

Video surveillance system image by the Organising committees

AV Security Image01
  • Continuous monitoring system combines about 8,000 security cameras* and 2,500 sensors
  • Security guards equipped with wearable cameras deploy to the scene when an incident occurs
  • Integrated management of surveillance footage from all competition venues and support facilities at security headquaters

* Approximately 8,000 cameras including about 1,000 cameras already installed at the venue.

Tokyo 2020 featured a record 33 competitions and 339 events staged at about 48 venues across Japan. Panasonic provided AV solutions at each site to help create an integrated system that allowed security personnel to monitor venues simultaneously. In addition, for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, security officers were provided with wearable cameras. When guards were dispatched to a site, staff at venue security and Games Security Coordination Centre could see the situation from the responder’s perspective, giving a clearer picture of events on the ground. This information was invaluable to decision-making, resource allocation, and coordination between agencies.

AV Security Image02
Inside the Games Security Coordination Centre.
AV Security Image03
Personnel monitor live feeds at a venue security office.

How Panasonic Improved Security Efficiency at Tokyo 2020

In the past, the Olympic and Paralympic Games facilities were gathered into one precinct. However, circumstances at Tokyo 2020 meant that venues were spread beyond Tokyo and into other prefectures such as Chiba, Shizuoka, and Hokkaido. It was therefore necessary to create an integrated security system capable of monitoring all venues simultaneously while minimizing impact on people living in surrounding areas. This meant scaling the system beyond anything previously used at the Olympic Games. Working closely with organizers, Panasonic supplied and installed some 8,000 cameras* and 2,500 sensors to a tight deadline. Despite the massive scale, efficiency was actually improved by reducing the need for on-site security personnel, which also limited disruption to local neighborhoods. For example, for beach security, a balloon camera was used to capture an overhead view of the entire area. When an abnormality was detected, the high-powered camera zoomed in, allowing security personnel to assess the situation in detail and respond effectively.

* Approximately 8,000 cameras including about 1,000 cameras already installed at the venue.

Improved Security Image01

Efficient Monitoring with Integrated Sensors

About 8,000 security cameras* and 2,500 sensors were interlinked in an integrated monitoring solution that covered some 48 venues nationwide. If the sensors were triggered, connected cameras automatically displayed the location on a remote monitor, augmenting human monitoring and allowing security guards to evaluate the situation and take appropriate action. This reduced need of a large on-site security presence.

* Approximately 8,000 cameras including about 1,000 cameras already installed at the venue.

Improved Security Image02

Balloons Improve Beachside Surveillance

In order to monitor the beachfront used to stage surfing events, it was necessary to secure a bird’s eye view of the entire area. A camera was attached to a balloon to capture images from above, allowing security to better understand the overall situation. The cameras helped to provide early warning of potential situations, allowing security teams to dispatch from a command center, thereby reducing need for on-site security.

Holistic Support from Design to Operation

In addition to equipment provision, Panasonic’s on-site integration service played a vital role supporting the safe and secure staging of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. Our staff brought a wealth of know-how to the table, and contributed to every stage from pre-event system design, system installation and construction, through to maintenance and operation during the Games.

Holistic Support from Design to Operation Image01

Reflecting on Tokyo 2020

“The enormous number of events at the Summer Olympic Games made it necessary to provide security for a large number of venues at the same time. In particular, the Tokyo 2020 Games did not have an Olympic Park, and competition venues were spread out. So, the challenge was, how do we go about providing efficient, high-quality security at the same time? Panasonic’s video surveillance system was the key. We built a system consisting of about 8,000 cameras* and interlinked sensors to supplement human monitoring, and all camera images could be viewed not only at the security offices at each venue, but also at the central security headquarters. These images supported decision-making by the security department as well as the Organising committees. They also served as a basis for cooperation between security agencies and related organizations. In the midst of the pandemic, the Tokyo 2020 Games were safely completed thanks to this unprecedented video surveillance effort.”

* Approximately 8,000 cameras including about 1,000 cameras already installed at the venue.

Reflecting on Tokyo 2020 Image01
Takeshi Iwashita
  • Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
  • Director, Security Bureau
  • Tokyo Organising committees for the
    Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

Towards a Safe and Secure Society

Panasonic demonstrated its ability to create an integrated security monitoring system covering some 48 venues nationwide, including athletes’ facilities, while reducing impact on the community. This was a monumental undertaking given the circumstances, time limitations, and late venue changes. We are proud to have accomplished it with such a high degree of efficiency, and our success encourages us to expand further into the field. With high-function IoT and AI-based devices enhancing our field-engineering solutions, Panasonic looks forward to deepening our contribution to a safe and secure society.

Panasonic’s Approach to Security

A culture of collaboration to meet customer needs

Understands the customer’s unique operational requirements and proposes the optimal solution to meet their needs

Experienced field engineers familiar with the customer’s site

A unique ability to understand situations from the customer’s perspective, insights backed by 50 years’ experience

High-performance devices, AI-based image sensing technology

Surveillance camera manufacturer with the largest market share in Japan with the world’s highest-level facial recognition technology

Equipment Installed (Total)

* Approximately 8,000 cameras including about 1,000 cameras already installed at the venue.

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